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At Flom & Lee we convert users’ behavior into actionable insights that grow and improve your products and help you gain the competitive edge.

How Flom & Lee Excels

We focus on understanding the needs of your customers and clients. Our small team specializes in user research and user testing.


Flom & Lee UX Research is built and run by psychologists trained in qualitative and quantitative research designed to understand human behavior and decision making.


We bring decades of research experience in collaboration with your knowledge and vision of your future and together we will create a product people love.


Want to learn more about how we can help with your UX needs? 

Custom Tailored Services

Flom & Lee UX Research helps create and improve digital products, webpages, and applications. We specialize in digital security and financial products.


The Flom & Lee UX research experience is ensured through these steps:

  • Limited number of projects to ensure each client is guaranteed attention

  • Focus on issues of usability and user experience from a mixed method approach 

  • Provide streamlined and action-oriented results to help you move forward faster

  • Offer benchmarking to measure product success and growth


We are first and foremost a user centered research firm.




By engaging in user research, we will help you understand the behavior and insights of your customers and clients. Specifically, we identify the needs and pain points necessary for improving users’ experience with your product.


We will help you prioritize all discovered issues, explore solutions, and develop plans for implementation and follow-up. Let us help you discover  (and measure) those issues that will have the largest impact.


We will help you understand what currently works, what is creating problems, and where there are opportunities to gain a competitive advantage. Through creating products and applications that engage users, you will see growth in adoptions and retention.


What is engaging today, may meet only the minimal requirements of tomorrow. We must be focused on building products, applications, and features that innovate and solve non-obvious challenges. This is best achieved through iterative research and frequent engagement with the users.

Research Process

“Ross at Flom & Lee has been great to work with, he’s always flexible, responsive and detailed throughout the projects we’ve done with him.”

– Ethan Hanson

Principal Advisor, Correlation Research Division, Church of Jesus Christ: Latter-Day Saints

Contact Us

Ross Flom

Principal and President


Thank you for your interest in our research. Get in touch with us for any questions or comments regarding our work and services.

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